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We’re Better Together 

We’ve seen firsthand how this situation has brought out the best of humanity, and we’re blown away by the global sense of community this crisis has created, especially with strong social distancing recommendations in effect. As we continue navigating these unprecedented times together, here’s a list of resources to receive and give assistance and support to one another. 

Government Relief Programs 

Direct Payments:

Have you read through the details of The Cares Act, a federal program that will be making one-time cash payments directly to citizens? These payments should be issued during the month of April either by check or direct deposit. Here’s a quick breakdown of how much aid is being distributed: 

  • Individuals earning less than $75,000 will receive $1,200.  
  • Married couples earning less than $150,000 will receive $2,400.  
  • If you have children, you will receive $500 per child.  
  • Individuals earning more than $75,000 and less than $99,000 – and couples earning more than $150,000 and less than $198,000 – are eligible for a lesser amount.  

Enhanced Unemployment Benefits:

Congress is enhancing state unemployment to provide more income and to cover more people. If you have lost your job, you can apply for state unemployment benefits visit this link.  

With these enhanced unemployment benefits:  

  • Adds $600 per week for four months on top of state unemployment.  
  • Adds up to 13 weeks of additional unemployment benefits to those already enrolled but who are nearing the end of benefits.  
  • Expands the program to include workers not normally eligible to receive unemployment benefits. This includes freelancers, independent contractors/gig workers, individuals who are self-employed, with limited work history, or reduced hours at work. 

It is important to apply as soon as possible.  To help expedite aid, the federal government is funding the first week of benefits to encourage states to waive traditional waiting periods, but it may still take a couple of weeks to be processed .

Browse the variety of resources
available to you right now: 

C19 Help Squad:  Sign up to receive supplies, help with transportation, help paying utilities, or have other needs due to the recent pandemic. 

Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources: Economic Injury Loan Program, Guidance for businesses and Employers, SBA Products and Resources, and Local Assistance. 

NAMI (Nat’l Alliance on Mental Illness): Information and resources for mental health support during crisis. 

Waldorf School at Moraine Farm:  Family resources for “At-Home Living and Learning” is great for those who are working from home with children. 

Children’s Emotional Wellbeing: Resources for supporting Children’s Emotional wellbeing as we navigate COVID-19. 

Find remote job opportunities > 

Insurance for your family:  Millions of children and teens qualify for low-cost health and dental coverage through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). 

Access from AT&T: Affordable internet service 

UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS: Select your state to find information about filing for unemployment benefits. 

Can you lend a hand? Here’s how you can give support:

C19 Help Squad:  Offer your assistance to those people, families, and businesses who have been affected by COVID-19 within your community. 

Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO):  For every $1 you donate by April 30, 2020, Google.org will donate $2, up to $5M, to support global preparedness and response in communities most affected by the spread of COVID-19. 100% of your donation goes to the United Nations Foundation in support of WHO’s global COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Feeding America: Now more than ever, our vulnerable communities need your support. Join a network of heroes and help kids during school closures and all year long. Less than 3% of all donations go to administration fees.  

CDC Foundation: Stay up to date on the latest information and news on the spread of COVID-19 and offer support in flattening the curve.   

Your local small business needs your support, too. 

Check with your local restaurants, neighborhood coffee shops, and small businesses as many are creating care packages and produce boxes in the face of grocery store shortages – many are implementing both delivery and curbside pickup services.  

We’re Here to Work with You if You have been Impacted by COVID-19 

We understand there may be a delay in your ability to access these benefits.  If you have suffered a job loss or other substantial loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to call or email your onsite associates as soon as possible. We have also created a dedicated email address, going directly to our Home Comes First team to assist. 


[email protected]

We are offering a number of rent flexibility options. We’re all in this together and all deserve comfortable and clean housing.  We are thankful for the hard work of our employees in keeping our community operational and all they continue to do to prepare for and mitigate the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, we rely on rental payments to pay those workers and to cover our mortgage, utilities, maintenance and more. If rental payments stop flowing, community stability and safety will be disrupted, just when peace of mind is most needed. We remain heartened by the stories of neighbors helping one another.  Communities working together to stay safe is what will get us through this crisis, and we are here for you. 

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